Our vision


Empowering Entrepreneurs


Our Mission

“To help young people who would not otherwise have the opportunity, to develop their self-confidence, achieve economic independence, fulfill their ambitions and contribute to their community through the medium of self-employment and job-creation.”- JYBT


Our Vision

To be the industry leader in empowering young entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses.


Youth Business international

“Business mentors build relationships to inspire and guide young entrepreneurs. They are the young person’s advisor, encourager, guide and friend.”


Success Stories



As a young, unemployed mum, Semone knew she needed to make some big life changes in order to support her family; she just wasn’t sure where to start. 

After losing her low-paid job, she had been unable to pay her rent and was forced to move back in with her parents. Unable to find more work, she spiraled into a depression and often felt like life was not worth living. 

Nicholas Powell

Nicholas manages several green houses and has increased his acreage to produce yam, sweet potato and cocoa. This was made possible through the assistance of funding provided by JYBT. He is very passionate about farming and has achieved success, despite the many challenges one faces.



Become a Mentor

The Jamaica Youth Business Trust (JYBT) welcomes your interest in serving as a mentor! You will join a unique community of young entrepreneurs and a global network of business mentors who strive for self-development and excellence.



Million Dollars disbursed in business start-up financing

We have funded start-ups across varying industries with agri-business being the most represented. Come talk to us about funding your start-up!



Mentors and Counting

Experienced professionals, business coaches/facilitators and successful young entrepreneurs volunteering as mentors for our youth entrepreneurs. Join our network, our young entrepreneurs NEED YOU!



Entrepreneurs trained

We train youth entrepreneurs between ages 18 and 35 in practical Business Development areas. Contact us to learn a new way of improving your business!

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved and contribute to our work with young entrepreneurs. Begin by reading about the services we provide.


Become a Mentor

We facilitate personalized mentoring support to entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35 who need technical advise from leading industry experts.

Make a Donation

Do you have an interest in what we do? You can assist by giving to our campaign! Your donation will increase our work that positively impacts future entrepreneurs.

Apply for Funding

We provide start-up capital for your new business! Contact us now to begin your free 1 hr consultation.